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Challenges Faced by the Real Estate Sector

High Cost of
Customer Acquisition

Traditional forms of advertising tend to have a higher cost of acquisition and often have challenges of attribution and tracking. This ultimately pushes ROI down for real estate brands, which is where digital can play a key role.

Low Conversion
of Leads

Without comprehensive strategies for lead nurturing in place, real estate brands often witness a low conversion of leads into site visits and sales. A lot is left in the hands of the sales team, but with WhatsApp for Business and drip email campaigns a lot more can be done.

Poor Response
During Launch

A low customer-response during a project launch can decrease sales figures. Unless real estate brands incorporate a cross-channel marketing mix, they will be unable to develop consumer-awareness of their projects.

Slow Inventory

Due to low visibility and lack of customer engagement, real estate brands often witness slow movement of their inventory which can negatively impact profitability.

Our Solutions

What can we do for you?

Our team of experts generate over 50,000 leads per month for our real estate clients over 25+ channels. Some of the channels we use for our clients include Google Search and Display, Facebook,Linkedin, Times Internet, Yahoo, Native and Affiliate ad networks, Programmatic Advertising, multi lingual ad platforms and GSP ads.
We don't just focus on Cost-Per-Lead but also Cost-Per-Site-Visit and Cost-Per-Sale to ensure lead effectiveness. We also utilise a variety of lead nurturing strategies like drip emailers, special promotional offers and incentives to drive high conversion rates. We are also exploring how to effective use Whatsapp for Business, to nurture the leads.
Driven by creativity based on consumer insights and advanced social media analytics, we create meaningful social media campaigns which communicate your brand’s message in an engaging way. Through personalised messages, we develop campaigns that resonate with your target audience and build strong communities.
Our dynamic, talented team can activate your campaign from inception to the finished product in under 24 hours. We are also equipped to develop high-performing landing pages within just 72 hours! With our quick delivery, we ensure that you waste no time in gaining awareness and generating leads.
We continuously collaborate with your sales team to optimise campaigns and ad spends through daily, weekly and monthly reports to generate an ROI that is 5X greater than traditional advertising. We are not just an agency, but an extension of your marketing and sales teams, working together to meet your targets.
Videos can generate almost 1200% higher social shares and 80% higher conversion rates through a landing page. Our expert video production team can tap into this potential to deliver engaging video content that will appeal to your audience and ultimately drive conversions.
To speak to the growing regional audience in the language they’re most comfortable with, we create vernacular ads based on your audience profile. Through our 22 Languages product, we convert your content into a number of regional languages so your brand’s message can reach a wider audience and produce measurable results.
Our expert SEO services will help your brand gain large volumes of organic website traffic. We combine various on-page and off-page SEO services including competitor analysis, CTR-optimised meta tags, website speed optimisation, creation of AMP pages and regular monitoring of your website for errors.
Our experienced content marketers ideate, create and amplify content that will contribute towards brand building and customer engagement. Our research-driven content marketing strategies can help you build a credible brand image and establish a relationship with your customers.

Some of our Real Estate clients

We've helped increased revenue

Our proven track record with some of the top real estate developers in India are a testament of our expertise. Through our groundbreaking work in real estate digital marketing, we have opened up new consumer markets for our clients and helped them achieve their sales targets in record time. Some of our biggest achievements include:

  • Generated 190 crore revenue for Casagrand through Facebook
  • Successful launches across Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Kolkata
  • Targeted NRI Campaigns to drive accelerated lead generation
  • Optimizing not just CPLs, but Cost Per Site Visit and Cost Per Sale

Our Complete Guide on Digital Marketing for Real Estate


Our Complete Guide on Digital Marketing for Real Estate

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