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Challenges faced by B2B Companies

the right audience

Targeting businesses is far more challenging than targeting individuals. Identifying the niche segment that is relevant to your business can make or break the digital strategy..

Making a shift
word-of-mouth to digital

B2B businesses have traditionally grown through word-of-mouth marketing. However, with advent of digital, it has become highly essential for B2B companies to build a brand online to expand their business.

lead generation

Since B2B companies cater to a niche audience, their potential customer pool is also smaller. This leads to a higher cost of acquisition with the challenges of tracking and attribution. Also, scanning the online space for potential clients and converting them into leads, and ultimately into customers, is a long process, especially for B2B companies.

Building a
credible brand

Gaining the trust of your customers and building a credible brand is what drives a company’s marketing team. With so many companies tapping the digital space to market their brand, stay ahead of the competition with our winning B2B solutions.

Our Solutions

What can we do for you?

Our performance marketing specialists can help you increase your brand’s presence across 25+ channels including Linkedin, Google Search and Display, Gmail Sponsored Ads, Yahoo, Facebook and other Programmatic advertising and GSP ads.
Generating leads is the backbone of every digital marketing approach. Our team of experts helps you create the perfect landing page, optimised with high-performance AMP to help you grow your business.
Optimising your site for SEO is critical as it helps your business show up on searches. on-page and off-page SEO to other SEO-centric approaches like website speed optimisation, AMP implementation and competitor analysis, our expert SEO services cover them all. Through a mix of proven content marketing strategies, we develop user-centric content that will bring value to your customers.
Make sure your leads get converted into loyal customers with the cost-effective and guaranteed method of lead nurturing. Leverage the power of email marketing to stay in touch with those who have shown interest in your brand and set up a constant mode of communication to widen your clientele.

Some of our B2B clients

What have we achieved?
  • Increased blog traffic and customer acquisition by 50% in 6 months for a global analytics company
  • Grew leads of interior designers and architects by 250% for a global glass manufacturer
  • Increased the share of revenue digital 5% to 40% for India's leading roller door manufacturer


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