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Challenges faced by the Consumer Apps sector

Low conversions

The biggest challenge faced by consumer app brands lies in increasing the volume of quality installs. With so many competing apps available in the market, putting your best foot forward to make your app stand out is a crucial factor.

Driving app installs with new data users

With India’s next billion users joining the internet bandwagon, increasing brand visibility requires a different approach. Without effective and targeted marketing, app installs will not scale up. With technology evolving and aiding new data users, brands are also waking up to the immense potential these users bring in terms of growth.

Getting customers to sign up or take specific actions

Users who do install the app tend to leave it be, and a large part of engaging retaining these customers is by having them log in or sign up at the first point of interaction.

Drop in user engagement

Developing customer loyalty to drive engagement has become increasingly difficult. Consistent engagement and app optimization are key.

Customer retention

We have a large focus on retaining customers with consumer apps to measure and engage both daily active users as well as monthly active users.

Our Solutions

What can we do for you?

A floodlight tracking activity code can help you map the consumer journey right from downloading the app to the completion of a certain task like adding to cart, visiting a page or making a purchase. You can generate it via DV 360 and leverage the campaign manager to track conversions.
With Google’s Universal App Campaigns, your ads and campaigns will appear on trusted platforms for relevant lead generation.
We see your app ad campaigns from the beginning to the end and go beyond the delivery stage. We analyse and understand the various drop-offs that occur by the app users, and implement optimizations to retain customers.
We run ads in over 9 languages and use targeted ads to market in languages native to the region. We also run social ads with vernacular content to increase reach and visibility to new data users.
We get to the root of cutting costs by first optimizing and reducing the cost per install for any app, which automatically reduces the cost per login.
We take care of SEO on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store by optimizing keywords to ensure relevant searches see your page at the top of search listings.
We create events within the app for every step of the consumer’s journey, and with a third-party app, we analyze which events are performing the best and optimize these to cut costs. We also retarget existing app users to consistently engage them with the app for optimal LTV.

Some of our Consumer App clients

What have we achieved?
  • 20% week-on-week growth in quality app installs
  • 30% Lower CPA with a targeted re-marketing approach
  • 40% Lower CPA using vernacular (Telugu, Tamil, Hindi) content


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